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Business Interruption Coverage from COVID-19

Is there coverage if the COVID-19 affects a company’s ability to continue operating?

​In insurance, we’re taught not to talk in hypotheticals because every claim situation is unique. However, the Coronavirus is an unprecedented situation where we cannot rely on how we have always done things. Instead, we find ourselves going back to our roots where, above all else, we feel a sincere dedication to our insureds. We are taught to look for coverage where possible.

With that said, and upon our review of the business income (BI) coverage, we unfortunately have not been able to identify a path to coverage because BI claims must be a result of covered property damage. Further, we are looking at the definition of property damage and the cause of that property damage. Still we do not see coverage. Our interpretation has been echoed by multiple state insurance departments who are publishing positions on this matter. On the flip side, we have seen other government entities try to enact coverage. We are also aware that there are state and federal government discussions from a Workers' Compensation and General Liability standpoint.

Despite this initial review and indication, we welcome you to submit a claim if you feel your business has suffered a loss as it relates to COVID-19. You can submit a claim via email at or by phone at 802-748-8081. Situations may develop where government payments are tied to claims that have been filed and/or denied.

Thanks to Pennsylvania Lumbermen's Mutual for this information

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