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Since our founding in 2008, Carter Insurance Agency, LLC has built a strong word of mouth reputation here in Vermont as an insurance business that actually cares about its customers. That’s because instead of representing any one insurance company, we represent our valued customers. Here are the quality services and high standards you can expect to find when you work with us.


At Carter Insurance Agency, LLC, we like to think of ourselves as expert detectives, tracking down the best, hardest-to-find policies and packages for each of our valued customers. When you call a standard home, auto or SR22 insurance company in Vermont or elsewhere, you’ll often get a harried representative who is more interested in selling you something than giving you accurate and helpful information or responding to your needs. Unlike those home, auto and SR22 insurance companies in Vermont, we’re a local business that has a vested interest in finding the right policies for everyone. We’ll work with you to suit your individual needs, and you’ll always leave a conversation with us feeling confident and informed.


These days, it seems you need to insure everything, from your vacation to your snowmobile. To help you keep up, we proudly offer comprehensive insurance coverage, with policies for anything you might need, including the following:

  • Auto Insurance

  • Life Insurance

  • SR22 Insurance

  • Home Insurance

  • Business Insurance

  • Motorcycle Insurance

  • Travelers’ Insurance

  • Boat, RV, Snowmobile & ATV Insurance


Carter Insurance Agency, LLC is proud to partner with a number of nationally recognized insurance brands in order to deliver the best possible policies to you. Here are the insurance companies with whom we have established partnerships:

  • Travelers Insurance

  • MetLife DairyLand Insurance

  • Foremost Insurance

  • Safeco Insurance

  • Progressive Insurance

  • American Modern Insurance

  • Concord Group Insurance

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Farm Country Insurance

1951 Memorial Drive, St. Johnsbury, VT 05819

Phone: 802-748-8081

Text: 802-347-9922

Fax: 802-275-5247



Monday-Friday, 8:30AM - 4:30PM

Claim Phone Numbers
Aegis - 800-233-2160

American Modern - 800-543-2644

CNA Surety - 877-672-6115

Concord Group - 800-660-3838

Dairyland - 800-338-2487

Foremost - 800-527-3907

Mapfre - 844-627-3733

Main Street America - 877-425-2467

Hartford Flood Insurance - 800-759-8656

Progressive - 800-925-2886

Safeco - 800-332-3226

Travelers - 800-252-4633

Providing auto and home insurance to all of Vermont and New Hampshire

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